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Need to re-seal your countertop? It's recommended that you have your countertops re-sealed once a year to assure protection. Although granite is safe to use it must be sealed to help protect from acid substances. These are common household products like detergent soap, fruit juices, alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, wines and cooking oil. With a sealer applied to your countertops it will help to prevent these products to penetrate the stone. Have your countertops re-sealed today.
Price: $85.00 for up to 100 sq. ft. of countertop

Holes Drilled

Need to add a soap dispenser or an R/O to an existing countertop? Or just need an additional hole drilled? We can drill one for you.
Price: $25.00 per hole


We can perform some minors repairs. They consist of re-applying epoxy to seams, fixing small chips, and fixing some sagging stainless steal sinks.

Price: $55.00 per hour